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Sausage cutter / electric knife

Discover our versatile range of sausage cutters and electric knives designed specifically for the catering sector. Our high-quality appliances are ideal for cutting sausages, meat or other foods quickly and accurately and offer a reliable solution for takeaways, restaurants and catering companies. Whether you want to prepare currywurst efficiently or prepare other foods professionally, our currywurst slicers and electric knives in various sizes and designs adapt to any kitchen environment and guarantee long-lasting performance thanks to robust construction and state-of-the-art technology. Browse now and find the perfect appliance that combines efficiency with attractive design and revolutionises your food preparation.

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  • ideal zum Schneiden gleichmäßiger Scheiben von Braten, Kuchen, Torten, u.ä
  • Klinge aus hochwertigem Edelstahl gefertigt
  • kraftvoller Motor verbaut
  • Motor U/min: 3000 Umdrehungen pro Minute
  • Produktmaße (BxTxH): 470x140x70mm
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  • Einfüllschacht Ø: 45 mm
  • Schnittbreite: 5-30 mm
  • 2 Klingen aus Edelstahl
  • Produktmaße (BxTxH): 244x188x327mm
249,00 € *
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